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First Step to Achieve Your Dreams

This course caters for students, this course will help them to realise their exceptional natural capacity of intellect they are born with and gradually they will realizing their dreams, their profession and will choose subjects accordingly. And finally realise the purpose of their life.

This course is specially designed for the entrepreneur and for the age group of 37 to 43 yrs (those are in job). This course will help them realize the profession which they have natural affinity for, help them recognize their dreams and chart out their career to experience maximum satisfaction. Our research shows that passion is essential for achievement of one’s dreams and we help them to recognize your dreams.

Life Changing Course

Good relationship course

Mandatory for those who wants to become the parents of a Genius.

This course caters to husband and wife and unmarried couples. The course would enable them to understand each other better and subsequently have peace in relationship by means of reduced conflicts, better understanding and care for each other.

Children are not yours, they are only lent to you for a time. In those fleeting years, do your best to help them grow up to be Good people.

Parents can discover the exceptional natural capacity of intellect of their children which they born with and this course will further enable the parents to guide and motivate their kids better.

It will help them to become parents of genius/es.

Good Parenting Course

Good Retired Life Course

This course caters only to the person who is going to be retired within a year or two and the retired person. The course will help them to evolve their Retired Life, handle daily challenges, their physical & mental well being and also create a New Identity.

Body Language can MAKE or BREAK your Interviews/Business Deal/First Impression.

Body language will make anyone more aware of their own non-verbal cues and signals, and will show  them how to use to communicate effectively and how to get the reactions they want.

Body Language