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A first of its kind Institute in India imparts various types of life skill courses and related workshops

About Us

Debajit Sarkar

We are here to help you become a True Professional. To become a True Professional first thing we must be self-aware, which can help us to be groomed as a self-confident and a self-motivated person. But most people are not self-motivated. I would argue that all of us need someone to coach us & to stretch us further from time to time. It is amazing what a little ENCOURAGEMENT can do for People. It helps them to go further than they would normally go & to achieve more than they could ever dream possible

Our Mission

At Life Coaching Institute, our mission is to provide knowledge and build values to make sure people realize their true potential and work towards achieving their unfulfilled dreams.

We conduct different workshops to guide you for a miraculous and happy life. Our workshops cater from small children, teenagers & couples to retired people.


Our Professionals

Rashmi Anand

Honorable Guest lecturer

Rita Roy

Mrs. Rita Roy

Life Coach & Co-founder

Alokananda Roy

Alokananda Roy

Honorable Guest lecturer


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