• WHY US ?

As you’ve taken interest to know more about our institute, I want you to know how it came into existence. Also the purpose behind this institution.

I had a target from my childhood to become an EXCEPTIONAL PERSON.

In the month of May 2007 I became a father. I can’t explain how happy I was when I got the new identity as a Father. I was the happiest person at that moment. I was blessed. I & my wife enjoyed a lot with our new identity.

Gradually my son became one-year-old and we had started thinking about his future . Just like other parents, we were planning to achieve our unfulfilled dreams by our son.

Debajit Sarkar Founder of Life Coaching Institute

I got established in life when I was 32 years Old. I had just 20 to 30k in my bank balance when my son was one-year-old. I & my wife became tense about my son’s higher education. I couldn’t have saved sufficient money in my career path if my son wants to become a Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer or software engineer later in life.

So, like others I started believing that only money can save us. Gradually I had started believing that Success = Money. I wanted lots & lots of money. But how would I get that much of money? Slowly this thought made me depressed. I was scared; even I could not sleep at night. My son’s higher education, our shelter, our old age savings & income, everything became nightmare for me. I was stressed, hopeless, aimless and a useless father.

I was searching for the solution. I was thinking about many ways, many options, and many possibilities. In the meantime I was transferred to Asansol in the year of 2008. After spending many months searching about the solution, finally I got two simple ways to earn more money, one was by honest way and another was by dishonest way.

I was analyzing both the paths very consciously. The practical world was provoking me to choose the dishonest way but my Principals, Values & Ethics were insisting me to choose the honest way. And at last, I chose the Honest way.

Although I had chosen the Honest way but I felt very sad because I knew, I could not earn lots of money. I became very negative, very hopeless again.

After passing few months in that stage at Asansol, I planned to start searching the meaning of ‘success’ and also ‘the honest way to earn lots of money’. Another change began in my life … I started studying, researching, analyzing, reading lots of books, watching many videos and finally after five years I realized the meaning of ‘Success’ & the ‘easiest way’ to earn lots of money by maintaining Honesty.

After finding out the way, I felt happy & blessed too. I became the happiest person in this World, I became the happiest father & the happiest husband too. I became free like bird, I could even see my bright future. I realized that ‘Miracle’ can be created by us & Midas touch still exists.

And at that very moment, I felt very secure about our future.


But after sometime I again realized that this ‘system’ & ‘process’ should not be kept within my family, it must be shared with this world, then only my son’s future can be secured.

I realized that my son cannot be secure living in an insecure circle.

So it is needed to secure his circle too … secure our future society.

By keeping this in my mind, I have started ‘Life Coaching Institute LLP’ in the year of 2015′,October at Kolkata with the mission to Building True Professionals.

I often said to my student that …We all are ‘GENIUS’ in our respective fields.

But to know in ‘which profession/purpose’ is perfect match for us, we have to maintain 5G – GO for GOOD to get GOD/GOALS !!

Lastly, I like to conclude that these courses and workshops are designed so emotionally, logically & scientifically that anyone will be able to understand. And the implementation of this ‘Processes’ & ‘Systems’ is very easy.

I believe everybody have the right to……………………           CONQUER THE WORLD BY THEIR GOOD JOBS !

Thank you, thank you so much for associating with us and wish you all the best to Achieve your Dreams.

Let’s make this world a better place to live in – together.

Debajit Sarkar

Sr.Life Coach & Founder.