What is a Life Coach?

Simply put

A person employed to help people attain their goals in life, is called a Life Coach.


Should I Get a Life Coach?

A life coach is for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life.

Want to make a big change in your life? Want to reach a goal? Feeling stuck? Going through a life transition?

You might decide to get a life coach for ANY of the following reasons:

You feel …

  • unfulfilled
  • afraid to take a leap
  • stuck
  • blocked
  • lost

You feel like…

you keep struggling in an area of your life
something is missing in your life
you have room for improvement

You’re unsure about…
  • the purpose of your life
  • what you really want in life
  • what direction to move in
  • what decision to make
You want to…
  • move your life forward
  • grow
  • find out who you really are
  • find your path
  • get support
  • transform your life
  • achieve success
  • make a big change
  • reach an important goal
  • move your life forward
  • get motivated
  • be inspired
  • be kept accountable
Life coaching is NOT right for you if…

If you need therapy
If you can’t commit to making a change

Some Possible “Side Effects” of Life Coaching

  • live out your dreams
  • see opportunities where you used to see problems
  • decisions are easier to make
  • do what you love
  • feel a lift in your energy and creativity
  • discover your own answers
  • feel treated better by others
  • be happy!
  • receive tools that you can use for the rest of your life
  • let things go easily
  • find what it is that you really want
  • face your fears
  • get new insights and realizations
  • completely change your perspective
  • get unstuck

Finding Your Course Get Easier

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Step 4. Choose Your Course

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Being a life coach we can help you get from where you are in your life now, to where you want to go, help you to recognise your Dream/Purpose, help you to move your life forward and to find fulfillment, success, well-being, and happiness. We can help you to accomplish your goals, make new changes, and live your dreams.

I have taken an oath that till last day of my life, I dedicate myself to help you reach your dream and make a change in your Life.                                                                                                   ———-Debajit Sarkar