Join us to explore what the world will look like after Coronavirus ends

Learn how to cope up with a new life that’s waiting at the end of this Pandemic. In these webinars, you will learn how to boost your immunity through the mind and what to expect in professional, academic, and married life.

Do you want to learn how to be stress-free and lead a better life during a Pandemic? Then these webinars are for you.

We can help you in

Immune System

Boost Immunity Through Your Mind

Professional Life

Get Better & More Suitable Jobs

Married Life

Improve Your Married Life

Academic Life

Improve Your Academic Life

What we’re offering:

The webinar series, “The New Normal: Life Beyond Pandemic”consists of 4 important topics:

1. Boost your immune system through your mind.

2. Key to Post-Pandemic Professional Life.

3. Key to Post-Pandemic Married Life.

4. Key to Post-Pandemic Academic Life

The webinar will consist of Important & helpful insights and tips, Practical exercises, Resource materials, Ebooks, Live discussions, and Q/A sessions.

What you’ll get:

Insights on:

1. How does the Post – Pandemic Life look like?

2. What will professional life after a pandemic look like?

3. What transformations will take place in academics?

4. How do I sort out marital issues and live a better post-pandemic life with my partner?

And so much more…

Come join and get access to MOST IMPORTANT post-pandemic insights on life.

Boost Your Immune

System Through

Your Mind

Price ₹199


Key to Post


Professional Life

Price ₹199


Key to Post-Pandemic

Married Life

Price ₹149


Key to Post-Pandemic

Academic Life

Price ₹149

Our Founder

Debajit Sarkar

If you are looking for a mentor who uses simplest easy to understand words to teach you the deepest secrets of this life and universe, Debajit Sarkar is the right person for you!

Debajit Sarkar had always considered himself an unlucky guy. But that did not stop him from finding success and happiness. He failed at many professions, was broke, and had no destination to walk towards. He had lost all hope.

Later in his life, he found love, became a blessed parent, and decided to overcome the challenges. At the odd age of 30, he began his life-long journey towards self. Debajit dedicated 6-7 years of constant research towards spirituality and science.

During the research, his life changed dramatically. His insights, findings, and a key to a better life were vital, therefore he decided to pass it along. That is when, in October 2015, he laid the foundation of Life Coaching Institute LLP.

Thousands of lives have changed, including mega professionals, MNC’s, and many more. His main goal is to make the teachings easier to implement and follow.

People love our consultations

Enhancement & Enlightenment of the Life coaching Institution is very helpful. Excellent coaching. Everyone should come & join.

Paramita Roy

From 20 yrs I am in the educational field. But this is my unique experience with them. I am proud to be an associate member of this esteemed institute because it is doing so good things for human lives. This is a noble job for our society and I am honored. I think that our founder and co-founder are the best senior life coaches across India.

Susmita Bhattacharya

Very good approach for depressed Men.

Somenath Patra