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I was born on 13th February 1973. I understood that it was UNLUCKY 13th… It was very shocking & painful for me and gradually I started relating the same with my life that I was UNLUCKY! In the meantime, I lost my best friend, my father. He expired when I was just passing school final exam. He was just 49 years Old & I was just 16+ . He was in Govt. service & an Advocate too. He left me, my sister, my mother & his mother (my grandmother). In my life, my father’s influence was more than 90%. After two and a half years of his sad demise, I again lost my first girlfriend … my grandmother.

Life reinforced me to believe that I was UNLUCKY! After my father’s death, my mother got his job. Yes we could afford the daily bread, but couldn’t lead a luxurious life.

I was a mediocre student, joined in science group in class XI just after my father’s demise. I could not concentrate on my studies, I was always busy to recollect my father’s memories, thinking about family, my sister, my mother, my future. I always intended to earn money to support my family, to manage my daily expenses & expenses for my studies. I couldn’t find out any light to solve these all. Gradually I was becoming a hopeless, helpless, and frustrated person. But I had already taken an oath to continue my studies from my own income, I have started taking Drawing classes at a local drawing school, I was the youngest teacher at that time (16+ yrs.) Old. But my income was not sufficient to afford my studies & daily needs. I felt very bad, felt Unlucky, frustrated. I was feeling very lonely too.

My mother wanted me to become a Doctor, so I started Homeopathy classes along with my regular 1st Year Bio-Science. On the final examination of my Graduation, my examiner came to know that I was also studying Homeopathy, & intentionally did not give me pass mark in my Practical Examination. I failed to become a Graduate. I wholeheartedly started believing that I was UNLUCKY.

Finally, my mother started telling me that it was mandatory to became graduate to get Govt. job, but I always disliked Govt. job. After 3 yrs. I again took admission and this time became Graduate. But, in these three years I had changed many jobs to earn better. I have joined door to door marketing to sale room-fresheners and other toilettes, later fire extinguishers, then washing machines, joined in Free ad publication as sales executive, then ‘Cease Fire company’, they sent me to New Delhi as a Sales Representative. I spent three years over there. After returning from New Delhi I had started my own business by trading Jeans, T-Shirts and others. To sell clothes, I spent 2 years in Bhubaneswar. But again I failed. In the mean time I got a call from a flour mill company (Odisha based), they sent me to Kathmandu, Nepal. I spent 2 years over there, but as usual failed again and returned back to Kolkata.

My relative started telling me “You are a ship without destination”. I was frustrated. Days after days this world became WORST for me, I cried nights after nights but couldn’t find any light in my life. Sometimes I felt like committing suicide. Gradually I started realizing the mystery behind my bad luck. I never compromised with my values, I always spoke the Truth (at least 85%) … and never compromised with any unethical things in my life. And that is why I could not sustain any particular job where I had to sacrifice my integrity  and also my relatives started avoiding me as they couldn’t accept my habit of speaking the truth. I gradually became alone in this world.

In this situation, suddenly I got the taste of Love. I had received some fresh air in my life, I fell in love with a girl from a rich family. Slowly I became dependent on her. The relation lasted for 7 years, but finally it ended. The reason for our breakup was that I did not compromise with my values. Because after five years she was provoked by her family and started believing that I intentionally built this relation due to her money. I tried to make her understand several times but she was rigid on her belief. Again it was proven that I was UNLUCKY. I was broken in pieces … I lost all my hope, I was again alone in this world. By that time my other cousin brothers were already been established, some of them were working in renounced software companies, some of them were established in MNCs and some of them became businessmen. I felt so sad, so bad. That time I felt it was better to suicide…I didn’t want to live.

But life kept some different purpose for me. I became fortunate in the year of 2004, when the strongest, the most beautiful, most sober human being entered my life by holding the shape of a woman, my love. She is my inspiration, motivation, my guide, my everything, and fortunately my wife. She belonged to middle-class brahmin family, and I was non-Brahmin, vagabond, hopeless guy. Finally after two years of our relation we got married that’s also by Gandharva Marriage. Today I don’t have any hesitation to reveal that ‘Only a woman can change a man’s life’. First time in my life I felt that I was a lucky guy !!!!! . And simultaneously by the help of one of my senior brother-in-law & my cousin sister I got a call in a leading Multinational Company and joined as an Assistant Sales Manager and my first posting was in Raipur. And we both left Kolkata. And at Raipur my wife gifted me the best gift of my life, my SON. My life changed forever!…. More.

Whole point of sharing my story openly is to tell you that if I could change my life, if I could achieve my dreams then anyone in this world can. Any types of dreams can be achievable, but to achieve our dreams we have to go through some process, learning experiences and we need to persevere. Or we can learn these lessons from someone else, so that we don’t have to waste our valuable time learning everything from our own experiences. I had to learn it in hard way, but I wanted to make it easier for others, sharing whatever I learned in this journey.

Keeping all these in my mind I have started ‘LIFE COACHING INSTITUTE LLP’, teaching those essentials skills of life that are not taught in our traditional academic institutions.