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Good Relationship Course


Eligibility: Men and Women (Married and unmarried).

Mandatory for those who wants to become the parents of a Genius.


This course caters to husband and wife and unmarried couples. The course would enable them to understand each other better and subsequently have peace in relationship by means of reduced conflicts, better understanding and care for each other.



  • Characteristics of Man versus Woman.
  • Things MEN DO that drive women Insane.
  • The dangers of Emotional Blackmail.
  • Women’s Top Secret Points.
  • Men’s Top Secret Points.
  • Women’s Secret Ways with Words.
  • What turns Men on.(STRICTLY FOR WOMEN)
  • What turns Women on.(STRICTLY FOR MEN)
  • Who lies?


  • One Month Course.
  • Classes are twice per week.
  • Class duration 02 hrs. per day.
  • 10-15 participants per Batch.
  • Certification is subject to final assessment and compliance to the course schedule.

 Examination fees will be charge separately.

 Taxes are as applicable.