Good Relationship Course

  • Why do men tell lies?
  • Why do they feel they have to be right about everything?
  • Why do they avoid commitment?
  • On the other hand, why do women cry to get their own way?
  • Why do they insist on talking a subject to death?
  • Why don’t they initiate sex more often?


The war between the sexes, the misunderstandings and the conflicts, even in this century, are still as present in all our lives as they were when Adam first fell foul of Eve.

We are the only species that has continual trouble with the mating ritual, courtship and relationship – other species have it at all worked out and get along fine. Even the Black Widow Spider and the Praying Mantis, who kill their mates right after mating, know the rules of the game and stick faithfully to them. But Humans are Infinitely Complicated. In the view of this all Life Coaching Institue has taken an initiative to start this course for Better Living …


  • Module 1: Women’s Nagging vs Men’s Moaning – 2 hrs
  • Module 2: Things Men DO that women Insane – 2 hrs.
  • Module 3: Why women Cry-The dangers of Emotional Blackmail – 2 hrs.
  • Module 4: Women’s Top Secret Points-Scoring System – 4 hrs.
  • Module 5: Women’s Secret Ways with Words – 1 hr.
  • Module 6: Women Appeal- What turns Men on – 1 hrs.
  • Module 7: Men Appeal- What turns Women on – 2 hrs.
  • Module 8: Who Lies? – 1 hr.
  • Total = 16 Hours



  • Classes are twice per week.
  • One Month Course & Two months guidance.
  • Class duration 2 hrs. per day.
  • After finishing the course, there will be few Guidance Classes & Interaction Sessions for next two months (two classes per month-No extra charge required.)
INR 11,200

Course Fees

Per person:(Preferred Couple always)