A first of its kind Institute in India imparts various types of life skill courses and related workshops.

The word “Professional” has been around from a long time & its Origin is even older. It dates back to A.D.1175-1225 to Latin word “Professio”, which means an Oath taken upon entering a Religious order.

The reason we need to appreciate the origin of the term is that we live amid scores of qualified Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Sales man, Nurses, Journalists, Sports persons & Accountants who believe that being a Professional is merely a mean of earning a Livelihood, just another way to get ahead in Life, to seek &  create further material comfort and eventually enjoy retirement. For such people, a Professional is someone who gets an educational qualification to land a job, then a coveted assignment or posting followed by a bunch of accelerated increments & promotions.

But in our view, a Professional, especially now is Something More. Today, it’s not enough for someone to just be able to do a Job in order to qualify for this title. He/she not only must be able to accept responsibility for their own work and action but also must understand how that work and those actions will translate to the rest of the world. Although every country, industry and Company has its own code of conduct, there is no Institution large enough Or powerful enough to make sure each of us is behaving in the best way of possible. Today, more than ever before, we must embrace the traditional meaning of the word “Professional” and take a personal oath, Promising We Will Do Our Best; We Will Bring our Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to make a Difference to others and we’ll regulates ourselves.


To become a True Professional first thing we must be Self-aware. Self-awareness can help us to be groomed as a Self-confident person and finally lead us to become a Self-motivated personnel, but most people are not self-motivated. I would argue that all of us need someone to coach us & to stretch us further from time to time. It is amazing what a little ENCOURAGEMENT can do for People. It helps them to go further than they would normally go & to achieve more than they could ever dream possible……….

In view of above our founder Mr.Debajit Sarkar has started his studies & research on 2009 and finally launched“Life Coaching Institute LLP” on Oct’2015. He has made a properly researched syllabus along with Exam facilities and after that a Certificate will be issued acknowledging the person as a “True Professional”.

 Please find below the series of courses we offer for Schools, Colleges, Institutes,Corporates and individual.

We have Six unique Life Skill Courses, namely,

             1. First Step to Achieve Your Dreams.

             2. Life Changing Course.

             3. Good Relationship Course.

             4. Good Parenting Course.

             5. Good Retired Life Course.

             6. Body Language.