When Love Gets Motion
It\'s Called Passion!


The BIGGEST MISTAKE in our life is,
Not making any mistakes


A true Human Being is the lively form of god!!!! and
The GOD is the Ultimate form of GOOD


Life Changing Course

Building Self Confidence

Building Attitude


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Good Relationship Course

Things Men DO that women Insane

Why women Cry?.

Women’s Top Secret Points-Scoring System

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Good Parenting Course

Building Self Confidence

Building Attitude

Encourage your children to make Mistakes

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Welcome to Life Coaching Institute

We are here to help you become a True Professional. To become a True Professional first thing we must be self-aware, which can help us to be groomed as a self-confident and a self-motivated person. But most people are not self-motivated. I would argue that all of us need someone to coach us & to stretch us further from time to time. It is amazing what a little ENCOURAGEMENT can do for People. It helps them to go further than they would normally go & to achieve more than they could ever dream possible …

In view of above I have started my studies & research on 2009 and finally launched “ Life Coaching Institute” on 2014.

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Life Coaching Institute Courses

Life Changing Course

Transform your life learning essensial skills and attitudes that are not taught in our schools and colleges. (This course helps to build Educational & Professional life)

Good Relationship Course

Transform relationship with your partner to experience passion & intimacy like never before. (This course helps to build a Happy Married Life) 

Good Parenting Course

Your children is born genius. But do you know how to raise them? Let us help you. (This course helps to become an Ideal Parent)

Life Coaching Institute Team

Rashmi Anand

Honorable Guest Lecturer

Rashmi is a published author of 11 books on the human spirit, joy and abundance, life and death and honoring, cherishing and living out every moment of life. She gives talks and lectures at institutes & corporate houses on the human spirit and positivity and also on the Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Law, with the wider perspective of Decorum, Dignity and Decency. You can learn more about her from her website

Alokananda Roy

Honorable Guest lecturer

Alokananda's work as a social initiator through dance and music, has decorated her with numerous awards and honours, including Rajya Sangeet Academy Award(2014), Tumi Ananya(2014), Bharat Nirman(2008), Sharbabharatiya Sangeet –O- Sanskriti Parisad(2014), Michael Modhusudan Award, Bongo BIbhushan(2014). She empowered countless underprivileged children and convicted individuals in different correctional homes in West Bengal.

Mrs. Rita Roy

Co-founder & Life Coach

Was serving 28 yrs as a School Teacher of ICSE & ISC board.Retired few months ago.A true human being. Attached with various NGO.

Debajit Sarkar

Founder & Chief Faculty

Debajit is a high-spirited individual, who never gave up hope overcoming all the challenges life tested him with. Having diverse experience in different professional roles in multiple corporates over many years and also with his unique personal approach as Life Skill Coach, Motivational Speaker, Personal Grooming, Relationship & Body Language Coach, Debajit founded Life Coaching Institute to make a difference to many more lives.

Sourav Ghosh

Marketing Head and Guest Faculty

Sourav is Marketing head & guest faculty in Life Coaching Institute. He has started his career as an Entrepreneur at the age of 19. Over last 8 years he has inspired and empowered countless people from different parts of the world through his offline seminars and online presence. He is bringing in his experience in life, business & digital marketing for our students. Find him on